Our Facilities and Production services are available for sections of your project, or for the entire project.


This starts with the design and implementation based on your data-acquisition formats, 2D or 3D. These formats and cameras include R3D, Canon 5D/7D, P2, RAW, Cineform, XDCAM, XDCAM-EX, ARRIRAW Silicon Imaging, Phantom and many more.

The Datalab was originally conceived in 2007, when Freakworks had to deal with the first R3D project shot in Scotland. (insert News button to Irn Bru R3D) Therefore as one of the very first facilities in the UK to deal with R3D RAW, new workflow solutions had to be developed. Our objective is to make the editing pro- cess as seamless and fast as possible and to do any preparation and transcoding work from tapeless productions, prior to the post production. This can be in conjunction with our Stereoscopic department in completing Stereoscopic prepping passes prior to S3D post. We also have the facility to provide an onsite DIT (Digital Imaging Technician). This role replaces the traditional film loader and is the most effective way to transfer and manage image data on set. We offer assistance and production management across all stages of your production pipeline, this can include digital dailies, workflow consultancy, rushes for editors and a full range of digital transcoding for commercials, features films and broadcast.

Similar to a Film Lab, you can provide us with your rushes that we will process and transcode ready for your post-production.

Digital Dailies service

This service involves us taking digital rushes from a shoot and processing them. We transcode the files so that an Editor can begin working with them straight away, or just in order to review them. FREAKWORKS tapeless workflow will transcode the files directly to the format that your edit systems require, this has a variety of pipeline benefits such as, copying data to the system faster than real-time, automatic splitting and labelling of clips, maintaining original metadata and timecodes, detailed on screen burn ins and easier conforms.

We can then store your master data on LT05 tape, which is a reliable robust long-term storage type. This option is recommended for all jobs requiring a master for any length of time, and is often a stipulation for insurance purposes with broadcast and feature film work


Our Machine Room is the technical hub of the building. It’s where our VT technicians and library staff manage all the content, media and metadata which travels throughout the facility. Our vast central storage system is based around 10 Gigabyte ethernet storage, and can be accessed from any network point in the building, allowing media to be immediately viewed, edited and processed anywhere.

Our VT Technicians are also responsible for the quality control processes of everything that leave the building by either file or tape.

  • Digitise as a stand alone service
  • Digitising for an edit/Digitise while you cut
  • Datalab tapeless services
  • Legacy format dubbing, including as low as Betamax/VHS transfers,
  • Quality control passes
  • Broadcast station deliverables
  • Commercials mastering service, this includes global adaptions, reversioning and digital distribution.
  • File creation for internet, multimedia and broadcast. These include all digital video formats such as: Mpeg1, MPeg2, Quicktime, .wmv, AVI etc. From iphone to 4K Cinema files  – deliverables of any size and shape.
  • Multi format duplication – HD/SD/S3D
  • Authoring – CD/DVD/Blu-ray/S3D Blu-ray
  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation – file creation for digital cinema delivery to 2D/3D specifications.
  • Audio laybacks


  • Editing
  • Grading
  • VFX
  • Sound
  • Film production services
  • Motion graphics & design
  • Datalab
  • Digital Dailies service


  • Studio Space 102sq.m
  • Drive-in ability
  • 45K Lighting Rig
  • High speed internet
  • full lighting rig
  • green screen
  • white skye with infinity cove
  • green room
  • viewing area
  • wardrobe and dressing room facilities
  • kitchen and shower/bathroom
  • Camera and grip equipment hire
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